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Whiten Smile More - Professional Teeth Whitening Review and Giveaway

As per Federal Trade Commission Regulation,  16 CFR, Part 255; Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising - A Teeth Whitening Kit was provided by Whiten™ Smile More for Review and Giveaway.  I am personally not obliged to write a positive review of any products at any time.  My written views are my own and are not provided by anyone or any entity.

A fantastic smile is the one feature about a persons face that really grabs attention and holds focus of those listening to us in conversation.  I know I pay attention when my Grand-doggy "Charlie" barks and flashes a full mouth of pearly white dangerous fangs and canines in her mouth.  She is healthy and it shows in her beautiful teeth.  But have you seen some folks out on the street these days?  Black or gray teeth, jagged pieces of enamel, missing teeth!  Come on you know you see it, avert your eyes and try not to pay attention.  We all want a great looking healthy mouth full of teeth, white, clean, and with smooth surfaces.  There are some easy ways to get great looking teeth.  Want a tip?  "Only floss the ones you want to keep" - That is what my dentist says.  A great looking smile frames a persons face makes them appealing looking and attractive.  A great looking smile is not only nice to look at but also shows good health.  Poor dental health can be attributed to countless medical conditions far beyond gum disease such as; heart disease, vascular disease, tissue breakdown, loss of bone, and even septicemia.  Take care of your teeth for general overall good health!

White teeth are a natural attribute of human biology.  My grandson has his baby teeth and they are white as can be.  We are all born with white teeth.  Because of the biology of teeth which are made up of special compounds they show up in our mouth true white, hard, durable, and healthy.  Teeth are not bone, not cartilage, and not epidermis.  They are perfectly designed to look and function as needed (thanks God).  Teeth discolor and become dingy because of many reasons including ingested foods, ingested medication, and poor dental health.  It is a fact of life.  The food we eat has a major impact on the color of our teeth. Direct staining of teeth occurs as we ingest foods that have staining properties such as grape juice, wine, coffee, tobacco etc.  Indirect staining can occur as a result of the chemical properties of items we ingest such as medications like antibiotics and especially some periodontal rinses provided by the dentist.  These chemicals can react with the internal biology of teeth and dull teeth from within.  Some staining can be removed by visiting the dentist for regular cleanings and polishing.  Some staining cannot be easily removed.  That is where the professional teeth whitening industry has made great strides to improve products for "scrubbing" tough stains off the surface of teeth.  Cleaning products specifically made for scrubbing teeth stains away are main-stream and widely advertised.  They all work to some degree, some more than others, and for some people they are a little harsh.  I have tried professional teeth whitening products available only from a dentist and it was painful!  After treatments, my gums were sore, my teeth were hyper-sensitive, and mildly cool or hot foods and beverages would cause aching pain for several days.  A few years ago, that was how you knew the products were really working.  Because you were in agony for days after the treatments.  Now, teeth whitening products are different.  Science of teeth whitening has evolved into a more gentle but efficient process without the agony of pain and sore gums.  Today's teeth whitening processes not only use a gentle chemical process but also a high intensity light that reacts with the whitening agent to accelerate scrubbing and chemically clean teeth like no brush and toothpaste can.  Welcome to smart teeth whitening.  Welcome to the Whiten™ Smile More professional teeth whitening process.

Whiten™ Smile More is a company located in USA that manufactures a complete kit designed to be used in the home but has the technology of teeth whitening products available by dentists and expensive "Health Boutiques".  You see the advertisements at shopping malls, in newspapers, magazines, and at  your dentist office.  Whiten™ Smile More is a product developed with scientists and dental professionals which is endorsed by one of the top dentists in America.  Whiten™ Smile More is manufactured by The Whiten Group, Whiten LLC.  With over 100 years manufacturing experience and 14 years in development of the teeth whitening product they were at the forefront of teeth whitening process development.   The Whiten™ Smile Moore kit is perfected as a home use kit which is safe, efficient, effective, very reasonably priced, and does not give the user painful agony post-treatment.   Welcome to Whiten™ Smile Moore and beautiful white teeth.

I was provided a Whiten™ Smile More Kit for two from Whiten™ Smile More to try in privacy of my own home.  I shared this kit with my wife; owner of Leslie Loves Veggies.  I will be awarding a Whiten™ Smile More Kit to one of my readers.  The kit is complete  and contains all that is needed to whiten your smile in as little as 5 treatments.  You will be able to see results like you spent hundreds of dollars at the dentist or an expensive boutique.  One lucky entrant will receive a complete teeth whitening kit for one. 
The Whiten™ Smile More kit for one includes the following:
  • 1 Whiten™ Luminator base
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 Mouthpiece with case
  • 12 Single-treatment gel tubes
The kit is easy to use, portable, and most importantly has the technology and science to get your teeth shades whiter with a cleaning process that is safe.  Best of all, the Whiten™ Luminator base and mouthpiece will last for years.  Treatment gels can be purchased from Whiten™ Smile More for a regular maintenance program to keep your teeth white and healthy.  Lets face it, the less time you spend maintaining your teeth the more time you are going to spend in the dentist chair to fix problems.  Regular maintenance of your teeth should include regular brushing, flossing, go between brushes, rinses, and regular visits to the dentist.  The Whiten™ Smile More teeth whitening kit should become part of that dental maintenance program for your self.  Here is why.   The treatment gel contains Carbamide Peroxide in a 22% concentration which is proven to be a safe teeth whitening agent.  When exposed to the luminator high intensity 470 nm LED light source, the Carbamide Peroxide breaks down into Oxygen, water and hydroxyl radicals which enter the pores and crevices of teeth surfaces to chemically clean and remove stains on and below tooth surfaces.  The gel also disinfects the gum line surrounding the teeth which removes bacteria that can cause disease and bad breath.  The cleaning action is gentle and takes only 10 minutes but is effective leaving your teeth shades whiter and your gums healthier.
Recently, I went shopping at the local mall for some shoes.  While strolling past the hustle and bustle of weekend shoppers I came upon some curtained partitions in the middle of the mall floor.  Behind the partitions people were sitting in reclining chairs with mouth pieces sticking out of their mouths.  Attached to the mouth pieces were devices emitting a bright blue light  lighting up the mouth pieces for everyone walking by to see.  These were people having their teeth whitened.  They were paying good money to sit in the middle of the mall and advertise how easy it is to have teeth whitening.  These portable boutiques show clients to everyone on purpose.    To me that is embarrassing. Everyone now knows those "clients" have dingy teeth, those "clients" paid a fortune to have their teeth "whitened", and having your teeth whitened at the mall is not ideal conditions conducive to satisfactory results.  You must start the whitening treatment with clean freshly flossed, brushed teeth which need to dried just prior to treatment.  If the whitening agent cannot get down below the surface of the teeth these clients are just paying lots of money to be humiliated and advertise business for the mall boutique.  Be smart. Do this at home the proper way; the Whiten™ Smile More way. This teeth whitening kit will show shades of improvement within 5 treatments.  Use the rest of the gel tubes in the kit for maintenance by whitening once every week or two weeks as needed to maintain a fresh white gleam in the mouth.

I took before and after pictures of my teeth as seen below.  After 5 treatments there is noticeable improved whiteness in  my teeth.  I did not experience discomfort, pain, or gum soreness.  On the third treatment I sat watching TV news (riveting) and did not notice the Luminator turned off and that about 25 minutes had elapsed.  I still did not experience discomfort after that prolonged treatment.

Thank you Whiten™ Smile More from The Whiten Group, Whiten LLC for a great product which is safe, effective, and a wonderful complement to my overall dental health.  You can find Whiten™ Smile More on Whiten Smile More, @WhitenSmileMore and Whiten Smile More.

a Rafflecopter giveaway One of my readers will win a complete Whiten™ Smile More kit for one.  This giveaway will end on Saturday August 24, 2013 at midnight EST.  This giveaway is open to US and Canadian entries only, please.  Winner will be contacted directly via email address provided.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winner email.  If winner does not respond, a new winner will be selected.  No purchase necessary - void where prohibited by law.  This giveaway is brought to you by Whiten Smile More and is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated by Facebook.


Leslie M. said...

Be sure to visit Leslie Loves Veggies and enter my Giveaway too!

Good Luck!

Joey J said...

Great review! Noticeable difference..I could really use this lol

Nice blog too!

Jennifer D. said...

I love the scientific approach you took for this review--so cool! Also, I never received a confirmation email for the blog subscription, I even checked my spam inbox. Not sure if there is something wrong. Thanks!

Scott Mayorga said...

Jennifer D. - I tested this on Aug 15, 2013 and received a confirmation email within 5 minutes. Thanks for trying though! Check back regularly for more content. Ask Questions...

Charlotte said...

Looks like some fantastic results.
I've been looking for some effective teeth whitening for before my wedding.
Are there any good overnight kits you would reccomend?

Scott Mayorga said...

Charlotte, There are many preparations that are overnight but usually only available from your Dentist.

SethOswald said...

Nice result. @Charlotte, I agree with Scott. I think you better consult a dentist about your teeth whitening dilemma. Before our wedding, my wife and I underwent a whitening treatment done by our cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. We also tried whitening kits, but we just ended up wasting money because of its poor whitening result.

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