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Global Warming - A Concern, A Myth,or Social Engineering Failure

Global Warming - The Greatest Hoax of Social Engineering
Since the late 1990's "Global Warming" has been a buzz-word in the print media progressing into the national American media.  Since year 2000 "Global Warming" was no longer a buzz-word.  Mainstream Media outlets and news broadcasts started pontificating the dangers of "Global Warming" incessantly. Nightly lambasting of the American People began which came with a good dose of guilt trip for using fossil fuel, coal, and electricity.  Even cows and livestock were spotlighted as culprits that were going to be the cause of a dangerous increase in global temperatures.  Ultimately, we were all threatened with melting of the polar ice caps, oceans would rise hundreds of feet in depth, shore lines would migrate miles in-land, and snow would become a extreme rare event that millennial children would never see in their lifetimes.  As late as mid 2000's  we were all dared to ignore incandescent light bulbs, cow flatulence, and greenhouse gases.  Where do greenhouse gases come from.  You, me, cars and trucks, cows, boats/planes, animals, trees...mother earth.  The most concentrated source of greenhouse gases comes from the private jets that fly Global Warming Alarmists to and from speaking engagements.

Global warming - Is not a global calamity.  It is an epic fail of social engineering fueled by greed and power.  Realistic thought processes and rationality automatically debunk the claims of "Global Warming Alarmists".  Here is what we know and how "Global Warming" is no more real than a snake with ten heads or the presence of flesh eating Zombies walking the earth in search of nourishment.

The Ice Ages are Coming - The Ice Ages Are Coming
Before the age of  "Global Warming" there was a notion that Ice Ages would return to the earth.  Temperatures would be so cold Mother Earth would turn into a big ice ball mimicking the frozen planets Pluto and Uranus.  This was scary to me as a child growing up on Long Island, New York in 1960's-1970's.  Just having suffered through an incredible snow storm which dumped 2.5 feet of snow in less than 48 hours in the Town of Babylon the real threat of Ice Age seemed so plausible?  But, back then there was no solution to the problem offered.  Just a warning that CFC laden hairspray was going to doom all mankind.  Just a threat that we were all doomed to a frozen death; the same one that brought extinction to the dinosaurs.  What happened?  Here we are in the Winter season of 2015 with snow almost a daily event somewhere across America everyday.  With 40-50 % of American land mass covered with significant snow fall we are supposed to be concerned about the Earth frying us all like shrimp in a fry pan.  But we are all still alive?  No ice age.  No extinction.  I don't have to live a subterranean existence to insulate myself from sub-freezing ambient temperatures?  The 2nd Ice Age never came.  The zealots proclaiming Ice-Everywhere have died off of old age or just shut up altogether.  Why were we so stupid to think they could be right? So gullible are we?  So naive to believe that the earth would cover over with ice?

 Oh - the cleverness of them!
Why were we fooled? Because we had prominent minds and notoriously popular figures proclaiming global calamity.  Sounds familiar doesn't it.  News organizations were starting to realize that if they could get us to watch this news medium known as "TV Nightly News" they could sell advertisement minutes on commercial breaks and make money the old fashioned way.  News outlets were all to eager to publish hogwash, fiction, and pontification solely to boost viewership thereby increasing revenue from commercial spot dollars.  Back in the 1960's and 1970's network TV exploded.  The nightly news became a hot spot of information, intrigue, and moderate human suffering with news stories presented hours after happening. Like the "Killing of Kennedy", the subsequent killing of Oswald by Jack Ruby captured live as it happened almost in real time we were all glued to the TV.  I remember watching television on a black and white TV.  It was great.  When my parents brought home a Color TV I thought that was the bomb-diggity.  Holy-Cow! Color TV.  Then in the eighties came Cable TV, HBO, and those naughty channels with high tuner numbers.   When I think back to those times I feel so dumb for having irrational thinking that there was a real possibility Ice Age was coming and there was nothing anyone could do about it.  Think about that for a minute.   What if global temperatures were really cooling.  Our first warning would be some warm blooded terrestrial animals were already extinct.  Polar ice caps have grown to a 25% increase in mass.  Polar bears are migrating as far south as NY City.  Oceans have risen and gobbled up coastlines because the massive expanse of the ice caps have caused the oceans to deepen.  What could we do to stop it.  What would we do to stop it?  Are we that naive to think we could change the climate on a planet 8,000 miles in diameter! and over 24,000 miles in circumference?  Sure we could.  Hey maybe we could all take our blow dryers and point them out our bathroom windows.  Collectively, if every human on earth  would point a running blow dryer out the window surely the earths temperature could rise enough to combat global calamitous cooling.Yeah right.  There is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale and you can buy it.  Think about this.  The earth as we know it is 3.6 - 4.0 billion years old.  The age of the Solar System is estimated at 4.5 billion years old.  Do we really think that man can actively change the climate on earth after all these years.  Organized temperature monitoring tables have been kept for about 200 years. Is that really long enough of a period of time to proclaim we are experts on the subject of "Global Warming".  Of course the thermometers developed in the 1800's were as accurate and reliable as ones used today to study global warming.  It is just my personal thought but I think temperature monitoring devices used for the purpose of supporting arguments for global warming are adjusted to falsely report temperature increases.  Are we that arrogant, so self aggrandizing to think we are so great we can change the climate.  In ancient times characters claimed they could bring rain to parched dry land...What were they thinking.  They fooled some of the people some of the time but when the season past and not a sprinkle of rain fell they were in big trouble.  Somehow, now the global warming alarmists have the answers.  Capitalism, the use of fossil fuels, and the excess lifestyle of Americans has caused irreparable damage to Mother Earth.  But they NOW have the answer!  Just purchase efficient fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs, buy electric cars, and buy solar panels for producing electricity on our roof tops.  Stop eating meat, stop burning coal for energy, and produce electricity with nuclear technology.  Buy only "Green" endorsed products and we can save the world from ourselves.  Again, do we Americans think we are the only people on earth that matter?  Buying CFL Light bulbs are the worst thing you can do for the environment.  They contain Mercury (Hg).  Some Climate Change Alarmists will say that the 1-4 milligrams of Hg contained in a CFL bulb is harmless if you are exposed to the contents of a broken CFL bulb.  Oh sure.  That is like saying trace amounts of Arsenic is harmless as well.  How about this Tuna Eating Public! Eating just 3 Oz of Ahi Tuna will dose you with 100% levels of what the EPA considers safe consumption of Mercury in one week. Then there is the threat of proposed regulation on CO2 emissions (aka Carbon Footprints) from household and commercial entities.  These CO2 emissions monitored at our expense will then be taxed.  Who is going to get all that money?  "The Carbon Footprint" in America is not even a drop in the bucket compared to the CO2 emissions of India, Pakistan, Russia, and China.  And what about CO2 emissions?  Do we really think we can get rid of CO2?  Do we think we can get rid of matter we don't like?  Uh - there is something called The Conservation of Mass? What are we imbeciles?  No, we are not imbeciles.  We are victims of a hoax perpetrated by greed, built upon guilt complex, by those that think they are smarter than all of mankind.

The Rise of Climate Change
When Global Warming Alarmists started to be ignored they needed a new gig. Cir. 2012 ~ Alas the age of "Climate Change".  Climate change is the perfect misnomer.  Climate is always changing.  Last week there was ice covering  all of outdoors in North Georgia.  This week there is rain and warmer temperatures then a day later snow.  In a span of 10 days the climate in North Georgia changed from rain to low teen temps, rain, then snow.  I drove my car from Savannah GA to North Georgia of which the trip took 4 hours.  The climate whizzed by at 70 MPH from 40 ยบ
temperatures, rain, then sub freezing temps and finally ice covering the roads, trees, and vehicles.  Yes, that is climate change.  Can't dispute that.  However, the Global Warming Alarmists have now adopted "Climate Change" as their new mantra.  The same empty substance just a different name.  Yes ~ we have climate change.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall the climate changes with stark regularity every year with pin-point predictable precision.  Even Man's pontification of what a groundhog thinks is biased toward Global Warming.  58% of Groundhogs surveyed in 2015 were told they were predicting early Spring.  That is until NY City Mayor killed the stand-in groundhog by dropping her on her head.  2014 may have brought the untimely demise of the Groundhog on Staten Island because she "Predicted 6 more weeks of winter" which did not fit the liberal minded paradigm of Global Warming or Climate Change.  But it is not the end of the world.  There is only one way that man can end his rein on the planet earth.  Nukes- Nukes and more Nukes, bombs that is.  We can extinct ourselves quickly with Nukes or die a slow agonizing death from Mercury poisoning.  The earth will still spin every 24 hours and rotate around the Sun every 365 days.  Unless of course if we all pointed our running blow dryers due north out our windows we could possibly alter the Earths axis, thereby causing global upheaval.  We better quickly legislate ourselves from doing so and tax every minute we point our blow dryers in the same direction.  This of course would be monitored with GPS tracking in our blow dryers which will push the cost of such luxury devices to well over $500 USD, which will then connect on line to the Internets, uploading data to NSA, finally reporting to IRS for tax revenue collections.

God Almighty
In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.  Genesis 1
God is like your Mother. She brought you into this world and she can take you out.  Only God can change the climate as he sees fit to play out the destiny of man.  Not scientists, not Global Warming Alarmists, nor Climate Change band wagon jumpers, not even light bulb salesman.

Don't worry, the human race is not that smart that we can claim we know how to change weather or that we can turn sand into gold.  It has been tried before with persistent failure.  Just like the alchemists who failed to turn lead into gold, the Climate Change hoaxers will fail as well.

Good day my friends.  Stay warm.

Scott R. Mayorga A.A.S., BS MT (ASCP)H CLS

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