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Hello all or just you, the one brave sole to venture into my nerdy world of laboratory science.  Some people call me a lab nerd, a geek, some patients call me Dracula for collecting blood specimens, and my Grandmother called me "Lab Turtle".  Welcome to my lab science blog.  I hope all enjoy the true life stories and experiences from the lab bench which I call "Lab Monologue".  There are different topics showcased on medical laboratory events, news, current trends, answers to questions patients may have about lab tests ordered by their doctor.  

Call me what you like but, with 30+ years experience in Clinical Laboratory Sciences I am a certified inspector for College of American Pathologists and hold certifications for Medical Technologist and Hematology Technologist with American Society Clinical Pathologists. I have worked in Hospital, Private, Reference, and Contract Research Organization laboratories under several positions; Lab Aide, Medical Laboratory Technician, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Laboratory Consultant, Lab Supervisor, Shift Supervisor, Laboratory Manager, Laboratory Information System Manager, and Laboratory Compliance Coordinator.  I have worked as a Medical Technologist on day, evening, and night shifts.  I have extensive experience in lab management, lab quality assurance, lab auditing and inspections, and regulations.   Currently, I am executing and managing interface projects for various laboratory instruments such as Bio-Rad Tango BloodBank System, Roche Diagnostics e601 and e411 through Data Innovations Middleware, Olympus AU680 through Remisol Middleware and Sunquest Lab v7.1.
Scott R. Mayorga A.A.S., B.S.MT(ASCP)H

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Helen233 said...

please continue to write more stories about life in the lab!!
Tell us all about those crazy antics!!

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