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Atlanta Shuts down with 3 Inches Snow - What a municipality Should Do Next Storm

Winter Storm Leon Causes Quite  a mess for Atlanta - January 28, 2014
by Scott R. Mayorga

Leon rolled into town on Tuesday January 28, 2014 approximately 12 Noon; Atlanta and the surrounding counties where caught off guard, ill prepared, and rather mis-informed for the snow event.  What Happened?  In a nut shell; thousands of motorists including school children on school buses were snagged in a web of confusion, hysteria, and anarchy for almost two days unable to travel on thousands of miles of roads while emergency vehicles were unable to get to those in critical situations.  Declaration of State of Emergency, activation of prevention measures, storm preparations were all too little and much too late.  Roadways clogged with traffic unable to move on pure ice paved roadways paralyzed the entire region.  There is plenty of blame post this weather event being thrown around and all of it is sticking rightly so to Atlanta and Georgia State Officials.  Winter Storm Leon was a conundrum of confusion exacerbated by lack of leadership, perpetuated by lack of control.

I will refrain from directly blaming anyone - that is counter productive.  I will lay out what I would do in the position of running "Storm Central" for the City of Atlanta and the north Georgia Region.
The Atlanta area receives significant snow accumulation every 2-4 years.  Significant is a relative term of measurement reflecting how bad the City was crippled.  On Jan. 28, 2014 with 3 inches of snow the entire Atlanta urban/suburban region was brought to its knees.  Three inches of snow in Buffalo NY would not be significant at all.  The North Georgia region might be able to muster up a hundred or so pieces of heavy equipment to fight the accumulations.  The City of New York probably has thousands of plows, sand spreaders, and emergency vehicles of some sort.  The City of NY bolts plows onto the front of garbage trucks and plows all day and all night.  In Atlanta, it is not feasible to acquire and maintain hundreds if not thousands of pieces of equipment just for a snow event every two to four years.  That being said, what is a major metro area to do to keep citizens safe.  I would think if you asked most people if they would rather have safety or anarchy- they will pick safety.  Here are my guidelines for those in the position of either acting and leading and also for those who sleep and go out to lunch doing nothing but delegating to others neither willing to do anything or are too inept to accomplish what needs to be done.  Might I digress...

Clearly and concisely asses the weather predictions. Make personal observations and decide on a plan of action at least 24 hours in advance.  The only thing that the weather man can be counted on is an accurate time of arrival of an event.  Whether 1 inch, 2 inch, or 6 inches of snow is predicted;  in the words of our fearless ex-Secretary of State Hillary "What difference Does It Make?"  Decide early what is the plan of action, get folks on the phone, mobilize what can be done well in advance.

Watch our Children. What is most important in our lives? Children right.  So for a significant event or an event that has potential to bring danger close the schools.  This was a tough storm.  The weather modeling computers had conflicts predicting this event even 5 hours before snow started falling.  Obviously, the computer models were ineffective.  Stick you head out the window.  Sniff the air.   Before a snow fall the air is thick, its cold, you can just feel it is going to snow like heck.  Look at the Radar maps.  If you say to yourself "Oh My God It's Coming Right For Us" then close the schools.

Declaration  of State of Emergency is important in many ways.  "Procedures may already be in place" but the declaration makes people take notice.  How many Atlanta workers were told to go home after the roadways were already jammed up at 12:45 PM?  A declaration early on even if premature would have given workers a heads up early and been given the chance to get rolling before icy conditions.  The declaration was not made until 3 PM or so which was some three hours after all the major arteries were dangerously clogged with vehicles that could not move.

Control flow of traffic - Trucks large and small were a major contributing factor to the mess that became of Leon.  Decades ago, I-285 "The Perimeter" was built so that trucks and other vehicles that had no business inside the perimeter could avoid the downtown areas by detouring onto the perimeter.  In a State of Emergency, I would have positioned GA State Patrol (GSP) on the roads to make sure all trucks either turn away from the city or detour onto the perimeter.  Any trucks that go inside the perimeter would be subject to stiff fine of $10,000 USD.  I know the GA States DOT Commissioner would cringe at that idea but that is how you control the situation.  Below is a map of the Atlanta major arteries.  The stars are where GSP would stage and direct trucks onto the perimeter.  Any trucks ignoring directions of troopers and the hundreds of overhead electronic interactive signage would be rounded up in the City and vehicles would be impounded.  Sounds harsh?  Too bad.  It is a State of Emergency.  It Doesn't mean go sell Girl Scout cookies in front of Walmart!

Map by Scott R Mayorga

Most importantly, open up HOT lanes and HOV lanes of traffic. Why restrict travel lanes during a State of Emergency.  That is just moronic.  Get the vehicles off the road as efficiently as possible, Period.

Mobilize the GSP and salt spreaders before the precipitation starts.  If a salt truck rolls by your brand new car and sprays your quarter panel with rock salt - Oh Well.  Get out of the way.  If that happens you are probably not paying attention, talking on the phone, or almost asleep at the wheel.  During the Leon event way into evening hours cars were paralyzed unable to move.  Opposite lanes-predominantly northbound were mostly devoid of vehicles.  GSP could set up those lanes of highways to allow vehicles to travel north in the empty southbound lanes.  Possibly, under escort of National Guard even?  What about that National Guard.  What are they good at? There expertise is moving people and equipment rapidly and efficiently.  How about some porta-toilets?  Hey what a great idea.  Mobilize the National Guard with porta-potties onto the roads in the event that things go bad.  There are plenty of privately owned salt/sand spreader trucks that could be mobilized by the city as a one day contract. I would use them.  A big problem was that salting was not done before the snow fell.  After accumulations snarled traffic to a stand-still the decision to mobilize salt spreaders was too late.  Is this not obvious? 

And now the big one - Weather Services and the fickle weatherman.  Stop relying on the computer models.  Get away from the screen and stick your head out the window.  Predict as you were trained to do.  Tuesday morning, the radio forecast for the weather that day was obviously turmoiled with confusion, uncertainty, and capped off with a fickle statement of "Stay Tuned for updated information".  Well that was just 3 hours before the snow started falling.  I saw the radar maps the night before and knew there was going to be some precipitation.  When I went outside that morning I could feel that "It's Going to Snow Feeling" in the air.  It is the weather.  Predictions are just that - Ones opinion about what the weather is going to bring.  Tuesday morning the term "Dusting" was used more than once in the weather reports at 8 AM EST.  That obviously told most people the event was not serious.  On top of School buses running children to school, and the lack of leadership and guidance from elected officials, a total lackadaisical state of wait and see prevailed.  Well wait and see went well beyond the first flakes and even further past jammed up roads.  How about some reminders reported with the weather report?  Reminders? What a novel idea!
If you must travel in the face of danger:
  • Pack extra clothing
  • Pack some food and water
  • Pack your medication
  • Pack a blanket
  • Make sure you have a cell phone charger and money in your wallet
  • How about some salt, kitty litter, or sand
  • A small shovel? Maybe.
  • A weapon of self protection - most definitely

Think before you embark.

The tragedy of the whole event that has become Winter Storm Leon was that people trapped on roadways in vehicles engines running until fuel tanks were empty had no food, no water, no medication, and no bathrooms.  Worse yet were the school children trapped inside school buses for 10-14 hours.  The children stuck at schools sleeping in the gym had fun.  I know my kids had plenty of sleep overs.  Thank goodness the teachers were able to handle the situation.  There were no tragedies at the schools so I can only imagine the kids and the teachers made the best of it and raided the cafeteria for snacks and drinks.  Probably the only leadership exhibited during the Storm and aftermath was by the teachers who cared for and supervised the children at the schools - Bravo!

Folks, have some common sense.  My work colleagues and family members all have stories about the storm and the mayhem that ensued.  Teleworkers had the best of the day or two.  Working from home was the best idea.  Then there were the workers who left too late in the afternoon.  Drivers stuck in the snarl for 8-10-16 hours.  A ride home from work only 10 miles distance took some half a day to complete.  Some never made it home that evening.  Some were stuck without necessary medication.

Inadequate warning, poor leadership, slow action, and complete lack of crucial action all came together to make Winter Storm Leon a catastrophe that will be remembered for decades to come.  Atlanta has become a the butt of numerous jokes not because of three inches of snow - because poor leadership made a situation so much worse than it had to be.  Lack of action allowed the severity of the impacts to elevate drastically to dangerous levels putting countless lives in jeopardy.

Next time we can do better.  If the city needs help next time the prediction is "Just a Dusting" just call me.

Scott R. Mayorga  A.A.S., BS MT(ASCP)H CLS

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Oh the fun of Cichlids! One hobbyists point of view from in front of the glass


A type of fish found in South American and African lakes.  Colorful, smart, humorous, feisty, and intelligent.  Cichlids are a wonderful fish to keep.  Watching their behavior, feeding them caring for them.  These are the joys of keeping a fish tank full of Cichlids.  Tropical fish of a special order they are.  It is a joy to care for these animals and have them respond to your presence.  They seem to acknowledge and respect their keeper(s).  They have watchful eyes that follow your movements.  They wave their fins in distinctive pattern when you talk to them and pay them attention.  They follow your finger as it streaks across the glass.  They are interactive more than you can imagine from my writing.  This behavior is just what makes me love them so much.  They seem to acknowledge you anytime you watch them.  Here I present to you Cichlidae Lagoon III...

Keeping a fish tank is not easy, requires work, and probably more so than keeping a dog or cat.  Conditions conducive to keeping healthy tropical fish consist of water condition, water chemistry, temperature management, eco-system filter management, nutrition, and environmental lighting and entertainment.  Water changes are required as well as maintenance of the mechanical filter system.
Cichlids like hard water of alkaline nature in the 25-30ºC/ 72-80ºF temperature.

My cichlids are such fun to watch and feed.  They are animated.  They have different personalities.  They are characters.  Much like your group of school friends or work buddies.  Each of them has traits and behaviors that make each of them distinctive and loveable.  

"Pancake" is somewhat reclusive but always has a grin on his face.  He is a beautiful sky blue color with yellow spots on his anal fin. Happy he is hiding in his plastic wood log decoration.  Peeking his head out to see if you are still watching him.  He moves his eyes to keep track of you.  He is my excavator.  He can move about a half pound of pebbles in one 10 hour shift.  He picks up the pebbles in his mouth and spits them out sometimes at the glass making a pinging noise. 

"Elvis" is the trouble maker.  Voted "Most likely to chase the others in 2013" he is trouble waiting to happen.  He hides then sneak attacks the other fish.  He will corner and badger his tank mates.  He will also eat young off-spring as well.  He is my bad boy in black with a bright blue stripes longitudinal along his body.

"Lilly" is my beautiful Mother fish.  She ferociously guarded her babies until they were large and safe enough to manage themselves.  She is albino pink with bright ruby eyes.  She is a wonderful and smart mother.  She had a great gaggle of babies which are all doing just swell.  She is kind and gentle allowing herself to be chased by the males.  But, get near her babies and she will kill-ya!

"Dexter" is the big boy.  He is a Bumble-Bee Cichlid but I think he looks more like a tiger.  Dexter can change his colors in a matter of seconds from almost all black to vivid yellow and black stripes.  He is about 7 inches long, always happy, and inquisitive.  He is my favorite because he seems most interested in me.  Leslie, of Leslie Loves Veggies has her favorite - which is Lilly. Dexter always comes alive when I am near the tank.  I have trained Dexter to eat his special veggie wafers out of a seashell on the bottom of the lagoon.

"Mickey" is one of our Convict Cichlids.  His markings are well like a convict; black and gray stripes all along his body.  He is sweet, shy, and mild mannered.  He gets excited at eating time but he never gets rowdy.  He is the father of the latest brood that came about with Minnie.

"Minnie" is my other female who is a Convict Cichlid who recently had offspring.  Child rearing darn near killed her.  She is looking rather rag-tag after her mouth brooding but she is shaping up nicely now.  She did not eat for over two weeks while she carried her babies in her mouth until she spit them out.  She is a gentle fish that can rapidly evade the advances of Elvis or a fish net like a football player carrying the ball.  Her appetite is back with a vengeance now and so is her regal charcoal color.

Then there is the school of baby fish from two offspring from Lilly and Minnie.  There are too many to count.  They started out at about ¼ inch and rapidly grow length and character.  They have a voracious appetite for little suckers.  Some are blue-gray striped and others are so young they are colorless.  Some are also gray-black but no stripes.

The Cichlids favorite food is Tetra Cichlid Crisps.  These little bi-color chips are full of protein and nutrients.  The fish go after them at every meal.  They also like Tetra Cichlid Sticks.  I toss a few of these half inch curls into the water; Dexter and Lilly can't resist them.  Elvis and Minnie go crazy for New Life Spectrum Cichlid Pellets.  Dexter goes wild for New Like Spectrum Veggie Wafers.  I break these dime size wafers in two, place them in a seashell at the bottom of the tank.  Dexter once bit the wafers out of the gripper tool while I was loading his food seashell bowl.  I can also drill a hole in the wafer, tie thread to it and dangle in the water.  Dexter will chew on the wafer while I hold the thread in-between my fingers.

Cichlids need there rest?  Yes they do.  I don't leave the tank light on all the time.  I turn one light on in the morning when I go to work and then both are on during evening hours.  At night when I go to bed so do the Cichlids.  The tank lights go out and the Cichlids rest.  I don't know if fish sleep but I know for sure they rest.  They each find a favorite spot and chill.  Some like to hang in a plant, some like the log cave, and others like the rock cave.  Dexter is too big to fit in either but he will rest on the bottom.  When they rest they don't move.  I can "wake" them if I tip-toe to the tank- otherwise they feel the vibration in the water from foot steps around the tank.  They will start to move there dorsal fins and start moving about.

Feeding Time Frenzy! When I put food in the tank they go wild.  They are hungry little beasts.
I can float food on the surface and Dexter will swim up to surface, grab food, flip his tail, and splash water out of the tank.  His tail is about two inches wide so he can really douse me with water.  I love the fish.  They are all special with their own behaviors.  They bring much joy and entertainment watching them swim and dart around the tank, excavating, eating, and chasing each other.  All the hard work is worth it for me.  

So what does it cost to keep tropical fish or Cichlids in a tank.
After the initial set up of the tank and all required equipment such as lighting, heater, filter, air pump, chemistry testing kits, the continued expenses are for maintenance and food.  A 5.3 oz canister of food pellets is about $8 dollars.  A massive 9 oz canister of flakes or crisps is about $20 dollars.  Each would last 2-3 months if that is what I fed solely but when diet is varied between flakes, crisps, pellets, sticks, and wafers the canisters can last almost a year.  Filter media can range from $5-8 dollars per month depending on the tank and filter size.  Upgrading is expensive.  I have upgraded tanks twice in the last two years.  I now have a 60 gallon tank on a beautiful wood stand.  The fish are so happy and content they are breeding like crazy.  I got the 60 gallon in October; in December the first school of fry were born.  By Jan. 10th the second school of fry was blessed on Leslie and I.  Its getting quite scary.  Healthy-Happy Cichlids can have offspring two to three times a year.  Each time more fry are born.

So who do I use for supplies?
Mostly PETCO.  I have a local store that really came through for me when I needed help.  As I have stated in a blog post in September 2013, my first fish tank "Cichlidae Lagoon I" started leaking badly.  Petco housed my fish for a little over a week while I acquired a replacement tank.  The Cichlids went to summer camp for the week where they camped with the Convict pair Mickey and Minnie in the stores display tank.  I brought Mickey and Minnie home and the rest is history.  Petco was so kind, so helpful, and also financially assisted me by taking back my leaking tank for full refund and let me keep all the supplies that came with it.  MarineLand (Parent company Unbited Pet Group) also came through financially for me.  They sent me a new air pump, filter supplies and Cichlid food that will last over a year as compensation toward the troubling experience of going through a leaking tank episode.  Both Petco and MarineLand (United Pet Group) were so kind and receptive.  They care about the fish and it shows.  I sometimes will go to Petsmart for an occasional item.  I have nothing against Petsmart.  They are great people.  It is just that my experiences with Petco have been all so good I have a special place in my heart for them.  I would like to send a shout out to Becky, Sean, Chris, and the rest of the staff at the Buford, GA Petco.  They really took care of me and the Cichlids - literally.  What great folks full of knowledge and expertise.  They will readily call a local expert on the phone to get answers to questions they are unsure of.  Incompetence is flubbing and fumbling through an answer or out-right lying through teeth.  Competence is having the knowledge and ability to source information when needed.  Thanks Petco Buford, GA.

I love my Cichlids.  My fish are just so cute.  The fry are adorable.  The Cichlids are so smart and alert; they do not take their eyes off of anyone sitting in front of the tank.  Go visit a local pet store and see the aquarium fish.  They make wonderful house mates and truly rewarding pets.
Watch my youtube video of Lilly, Dexter, and the allusive peeking Pancake all watching me shoot their video.

Scott R. Mayorga A.A.S., BSMT(ASCP)H CLS
Proud fish owner
To learn more about these special fascinating fish visit these websites:
American Cichlid Association


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Mazda6 Driving Experience - Gadgetry and Sleek Styling

2014 Mazda Mazda6 Driving Experience

This 2014 Mazda6 I Grand Touring as provided by STI - The Driving Experience company for review; the opinions stated below are my own and I received no financial compensation.
Oh wow look at this baby!  I had the pleasure of driving and sharing this sleek vehicle with Leslie of Leslie Loves Veggies for review.  What fun we had.  This is the Mazda 2014 Mazda6 I Grand Touring with SkyActiv treatment.  I have driven Mazda vehicles before including the Mazda3 SkyActiv which Leslie and I reviewed in 2013 but this vehicle by far was so techno-geeky gadget filled I was mesmerized every time I got behind the wheel. 

This version of the Mazda6 is the sleekest, sexiest, and most brilliant piece of machinery ever for the Mazda6 blood line.  This really is a beautiful car plain and simply put.  The description of its high tech features and how they interact with the driver are nothing short of a rabble of adjectives such as miraculous, brilliant, incredible, astonishing...I could go on and on.  However, don't let this sleek sexy exterior hypnotize you.  There is also practical function, economy, and vast safety features making this vehicle a confident highly revered 4 cylinder.  I really liked this vehicle after driving a good number of miles.  At first, there were some aspects about this car that dissuaded me from going wild about it.  I have preconceived notions about Mazda vehicles in general as a previous owner of a Mazda MPV minivan which mechanically drained my resources of energy and money constantly needing minor repairs over and over again.  Let me tell you the 2014 Mazda6 is a beast of a different animal so far refined from the MPV I owned of more than 20 years ago.

Mazda was founded in 1920 but did not take on the Mazda Motors name for a number of years.  Mazda vehicles started entering US ports in 1970.   In 1971 Mazda Motors of America was established with those Wacky Wankel powered vehicles.  After several name changes, presidents, and company transitions, Mazda is now the only car maker that sells production vehicles with a rotary engine which in theory the Wankel engine has not changed much since its birth with Mazda in 1961.  Today's Mazda vehicles are sporty, functional, and very fun to drive.  Sophistication, which I feel Mazda has always strived to achieve amongst other automobile marks always came oh so close but ultimately short on earning that title.  The econo-boxes of yesteryear are gone from the Mazda lineup.  But, watch out other Japanese brands, Mazda is out for blood and darn sure earns that sophistication title with this Mazda6.  With an amenities including such goodies as leather heated full power memory seats for driver and passenger, leather wrapped steering wheel, auto dim mirror, back up camera,  on 6 inch screen, radio, full navigation, blue tooth, full fold down rear seats, adaptive headlights, and SkyActive engine technology providing 30+ MPG city driving this vehicle is a knockout.  Recent enhancements to body styling incorporated into the 2014 edition of Mazda6 make this vehicle a pure sophisticated dream.  Oh and I did not list the high tech advanced driver enhancements yet.  This is where I was absolutely mesmerized.  Take a look at treasure trove list of gadgetry.
Radar enhanced Cruise Control with auto braking
Automatic wiper control
Advanced Lane Departure Warning System
Blind Spot Monitoring and rear cross traffic alert
Traction control, hill launch assist, forward obstruction warning system
Capacitor I-ELOOP Regen Engine braking System - What the heck is that?
Sport shift with paddles mounted on tilt/telescoping steering wheel

Holy Cow as Phil Rizzuto would exclaim! This techno-geeky wiz-bang eco-mileage sexy beast all dressed up ready to go for under $30 Grand.  Holy Green Backs Batman!
View from the trunk with the back seats down

Ok how does this car drive?  The 2014 Mazda6 gives a smooth comfortable ride with competent
handling, smooth shifting 6 speed automatic transmission, excellent braking, and brisk acceleration.  Sounds like just about any car you can test drive for about $20,000 dollars right.  Well, yes as my dear Father-in Law used to say all cars have a 4 wheel conveyance system, nocturnal illuminators, 4-40 ventilation, and oscillating rain deflection system.  The Mazda6 has that stuff but its what other vehicles in the same class as Mazda6 don't have that expertly enhance the driver experience in this vehicle and bring a level of control and confidence felt in very few vehicles.  By far the most enjoyable and wizard like features of this vehicle was contained in the $2100 GT Technology Package with Lane Departure Warning and Radar Enhanced Cruise Control systems.  The Lane Departure System has an observation turret forward facing from the rear view mirror pod that sights the road markings and alerts when the vehicle drifts near the markings on the road.  There is a display screen on the gauge pod that visually alerts the driver as well as an audible tone throughout the cabin.   Yes, Leslie and I had much fun purposely letting the car drift just so we could be scolded by the lane departure warning.  Fortunately, we did not get pulled over by the Police; Oh what fun that would have been explaining the "drifting test" to Mr. Police Officer.  The Radar Cruise Control was just absolutely fascinating.  Instead of using a radar detector in your car to detect and warn when you are being clocked for speed measurement this vehicle uses radar to detect the vehicle traffic around you on the road and maintain or slow down your speed to desired setting automatically - No Braking Needed!  Like a missile, just set it and forget it.  The Radar cruise control which can be sensitivity adjusted while driving which keeps the vehicle at the set speed and at the set distance behind forward traffic and automatically applies braking when moving obstacles enter the detection zone in front of the Mazda6.  I was amazed at how competent, precise and reactive this system was at controlling the vehicle.

Economy and luxury rarely go hand in hand when you talk about a car.  The Mazda6 brings real economy to the table with its 2.5 ltr. 4-cylinder 184 hp SKYACTIV Drive train.  We drove the Mazda6 almost entirely around town in city like driving conditions for about 300 miles and achieved a solid 31MPG fuel economy.  Burning regular octane fuel is added economic bonus.  Highway driving is estimated at 40 MPG for this vehicle which is phenomenal.   What a drive - what a vehicle.  The Mazda6 is really cool, has sleek styling, excellent fuel economy, and enough high tech gadgetry to keep a fighter pilot amused for a little while at least.  Hey the car has RADAR alright already?

So what did I not like about this vehicle.
  • Interior lighting was non-existent for important knobs and controls such as power window, door lock, and side view mirror buttons.  I fumbled in the dark in pouring rain trying to un-lock the passenger door until frustrated I reached for the door handle from inside the vehicle.  Then I learned how to change the settings so the key fob could un-lock all doors with one button.
  • Navigation seemed a little un-sophisticated compared to systems in lower cost vehicles I have tested.  It was adequate and functional but just lacked pizzas that the vehicles other electronic features bestowed upon the driver.
  • The Mazda6 has no engine temperature gauge on the instrument cluster.  There are indicator lights that turn blue when cold and go away when the engine is hot but I like a gauge; a full set of gauges.
  • The Mazda6 Grand Touring was not as quiet as I expected inside the cabin when driven around town.  I heard road noise and the faint rumble of tire noise but also buzzy engine noise.  I thought that Mazda could have done a better job insulating the cabin inhabitants from such extraneous sources. Sound measurements taken inside the Mazda6 and my 2000 Toyota Celica (at 270,000 miles it is the Beast) at about the same speed show the Mazda6 only slightly quieter than the beast.

In all, I can say the Mazda6 I Grand Touring was a very smart vehicle full of wizardry that really enhances driver comfort and ability.  Like the I-ELOOP Regen system that creates electrical energy from vehicle deceleration, stores the energy in a capacitor, then bursts the energy out to the vehicles electrical components reducing the need for the engine to produce that energy.  This potentially saves fuel usage while driving.  There are various ingenious technologies that have evolved over the years which will ultimately bring the automobile to self-driving status.  These features include cruise control, auto on headlights, auto wipers with moisture detection, anti-lock brakes, GPS navigation systems, and parking assist.  The Mazda6 takes a giant leap forward toward almost self drive-ability with radar cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and lane departure detection.  Vehicles in the future will drive without human intervention.  This vehicle is oh-so close to that engineering fantasy.

Thanks STI - The Driving Experience People for the opportunity to drive the 2014 Mazda6 I Grand Touring!
To learn more about Mazda vehicles click here
Contact with Mazda via facebook, twitter, and Pinterest.

Scott R. Mayorga A.A.S. BS MT(ASCP)H CLS

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