Sunday, November 10, 2013

United Pet Group Spreads the Love to Cichlidae Lagoon III

 United Pet Group is a wonderful company who cares about my Cichlids

As an addition to the story of my fish tank Cichlidae Lagoon, which leaked terribly on Labor Day weekend 2013, I am happy to say that United Pet Group offered to send me some MarineLand and Tetra fish care products to help in my situation.  I couldn't be more thrilled and thankful to United Pet Group.  I originally contacted United Pet Group which is the parent company of the fish tank manufacturer Labor Day weekend 2013 via customer service email.  Later the next week I was contacted via email from United Pet Group.   They were very interested in learning my story of near tragedy for my fish.  I originally followed advice from United Pet Group to work with the retailer Petco to get a replacement fish tank.  I did go to the Petco store where I purchased the fish tank and as I told in my original post the store manger and employees bent over backwards to help me.  Since then I have been in contact with United Pet Group customer service via phone and emails.  I am happy to proclaim that United Pet Group has compensated me with  a great amount of fish tank maintenance items to make up for the trouble I experienced as a result of the fish tank failure that was named Cichlidae Lagoon.

In September 2013, I did get store credit from Petco to purchase a new fish tank with which I did obtain a 29 gallon tank  I named Cichlidae Lagoon II.  I picked this smaller tank because it fit the stand I already had and it was the biggest tank that Petco had in stock that would fit the stand.  As it turned out, that tank was too small for the Cichlids.  In October 2013, I  purchased a big 60 gallon
MarineLand tank with matching stand to replace the 29 gallon tank.  The Cichlids are much happier in the larger tank which is now  Cichlidae Lagoon III. 

Now with all the supplies that United Pet Group sent me this last week I can take care of the Cichlids to keep them healthy and happy.  Just look at all the items United Pet Group sent me in a big box!  What a blessing this was.

Thank you United Pet Group for your attentiveness and thoughtful gesture which will help me to take good care of the Cichlids in what is now Cichlidae Lagoon III.
Supplies sent by United Pet Group with Dexter in Cichlidae Lagoon III
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Scott Mayorga A.A.S., BS MT(ASCP)H CLS

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