Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Santa's Reindeers Really Do Fly?

As far back as I can remember, I sat in the lap of Santa Claus December after December as a child and had my picture taken with the Jolly St. Nick.  I remember vividly visiting Santa at A&S Department Store within a magical display of Christmas Trees, Decorations, and a big beautiful throne of which Santa sat. 
Me with Santa

That was a special time each year.  Of course December 25th has greater meaning than that of the all giving Santa, in fact December 25th is the Birth date of Jesus.  Jesus was conceived on March 25th and was deceased on that same day. Prophets were conceived and died the same day of the year.  Nine months from March 25th is December 25th; when Mary gave birth to the miracle of Jesus. Don't let the Ney-Sayers try to con you otherwise into thinking Christmas is a Pagan Holiday.  That is hog-wash.  Pagan beliefs were just that, beliefs conceived some hundreds of years after the death of Jesus-period.  Might I digress...

This past weekend my Grandson visited Santa, sat on Santa' lap, and asked for a "Yellow Remote Control Cool Car".  It was magical.  It was sweet.  This was one of the best looking Santa's by far.  Grandson was feeling really special.  He believed.  He smiled at the big guy in the Red Suit.  Close by, in a fenced in pen, Santa's reindeer were on display.  These were stocky little animals, big antlers, fur on their legs, gentle, and really cool looking.  But, as folklore has it - Santa's Reindeer fly.  They really fly!  How else would Santa get around the world delivering goodies and packages to all good girls and boys on Christmas Eve?  Why of course with a sleigh pulled by his reindeer!  But can reindeer really fly?  Come-on?  Four legged terrestrial animals, with stocky bodies, hoofed feet, furry legs, and big noses.  Hardly what I would call aerodynamically conducive to cutting through the cold night air in the upper atmosphere.  So how do reindeer fly?  I will attempt to scientifically explain how reindeer fly while pulling a sleigh weighing hundreds if not thousands of pounds up into the sky at great speed.

Reindeer are terrestrial animals (mammals) that are equipped for thriving in very cold environments.  They are mild tempered gentle animals with anatomy similar to a cow with multiple stomachs, large teeth for chewing grass, and no tail.  No Tail?  If a reindeer can fly would one think a tail was necessary for flight like a rudder on an airplane?  Not so - not necessary for reindeer.  Reindeer have large antlers on their heads.  Special antlers that have multiple purposes.  With those antlers reindeer can monitor temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, and direction.  All the measurements necessary for flight of a large airliner in the sky.  Reindeer also have large eyes and excellent vision.  As the story goes the lead reindeer on Santa's sleigh is named Rudolph and has a red nose that glows.  However, with magical antlers and large eyes reindeer have no trouble seeing and navigating through weather good or bad, rain or snow, wind or sleet. Rudolph's red nose is just an anomaly of reindeer anatomy whereby extra blood pools in his nose and glows in the bright light of the winter moon.  When eight or so reindeer are tethered together their collective strength is more than enough to pull Santa, the sleigh, toys and goodies, into the air up up and away into the night sky.

It is like magic.  Reindeer really do fly.  Just ask any child.  With a kick of their hoofs, a twinkle in Santa's eye, navigational antlers and flight is just moments away.  Magical spirit in the mind of all God's children is the catalyst and all that is needed for reindeer and sleigh to leave the ground up up and away.

Reindeer are special animals with or without folklore and stories.  It is no wonder Santa  has a flock of them to guide his sleigh.

Merry Christmas Everyone
Happy Hanukkah
Joyous Kwanzaa
Best Wishes and may your holiday be safe, warm, and healthy.
Have a good one Santa!

To see Santa's Reindeer and learn about these fascinating animals click here>>>reindeercam

Scott R. Mayorga  A.A.S., BS MT(ASCP)H


Leslie M. said...

Honey, you are hilarious. I do believe this is your finest post to date. Of course reindeer fly and I'm so glad you explained how, in scientific terms of course.

Your baby pictures always melt my heart. Our Little Guy is your mirror Image as was Jessica at his age. Good think LuLu Looks like me! Merry Christmas sweetheart. You are the love of my life. I thank God for you every day.
Leslie Loves Veggies (but Scott, The Hematech more!)

Scott Mayorga said...

Thank you sweetie - Love you too! Merry Christmas

Helen233 said...

I just had to smile when I saw you sitting on Santa's lap because Justice looks exactly like you.

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