Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thanks to the ladies - Angie and Leslie!

If anyone would have asked me a year ago if I would be putting thoughts and memories on a blog today I would have said a resounding No.  But, here it is, my Blog.  I hope all my visitors enjoy the stories and are able to learn about the world of clinical laboratory medicine.  None of this would be at all possible if not for the help of two special ladies.  These ladies are very accomplished in their own rights and by no means need any minuscule notoriety that could be gained by mention on my obscure blog.  But, to not extend my gratitude to them for making my blog look so great would be a dis-service to them both.

First, I must thank my wife Leslie for her assuring gestures to coax me to embark on this project.  Without her, goes without saying, many things would not be possible; two lovely daughters, an awesome grandchild, wonderful dedication to our love and much reciprocation in the love we share with each other.  Oh yeah - it has not always been wine and roses...As one story will go in a future post there were cut nightgown strings, sleeping on the couch, and spaghetti falling to the floor before making it into the pot to boil.  But, anyway may I digress.  If not for my wife a lot of things would not be possible.  And - Yes Helen (my sister in-law) I have you to thank as well [future post when I save up courage to do so].  With Leslie on my side anything in the Blogosphere is possible.  You see she is the Owner, Editor, and everything that is leslielovesveggies.net, .com, .biz, etc. etc.  Leslie is a self taught blogger, website manger, and an excellent writer and product reviewer.  If you need someone to tweet your product to the masses, fb up one wall and down another, and bring attention to your product(s) contact Leslie at leslieveg@gmail.com

Mostly, I must thank Angie of blessedbeyondwords.com.  I know of Ms. Angie for some time now and she also helped Leslie with some design on leslielovesveggies.net.  Angie is responsible for the wonderful creation that my blog has become, she designed the drapes and curtains, imagination behind some of the design, the special flask bottle social media buttons, the navigation bar, and the background made from own my own photo micrograph of a blood cell.  Ms. Angie can do anything your imagination can think of and do it efficiently.  She is brilliant.  If you need a blog makeover, blog or website creation, or just some "work under the hood", contact Ms. Angie at angievinez@gmail.com

Between these two ladies my blog has blasted into stratosphere in style and function. 

I love brilliant, smart, confident, beautiful women.  These two are just grand.

Thank you ladies!


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Leslie M. said...

You are very sweet honey! Thank you! You're a great writer and I love your stories and your blog!!! Rock it honey!

Leslie from Leslie Loves Veggies

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