Friday, June 14, 2013

Kroger Great Summer Products

Kroger and BzzAgent have teamed up to get the word out about the great summer grilling products available at Kroger grocery stores.  I picked up #GotItFree with the help of BzzAgent many items for a nice bar-b-Que grill out.  Tasty products like Slider size beef burgers and buns, Big K Soda, frozen fruit, potato chips, frozen yogurt bars, and fresh veggies for a nice dinner salad.  Nutritious, wholesome, and tasty.  These products are also available at a great price at your Kroger.  Save even more with a plus card!  Sign up and get excellent high value coupons and free item coupons delivered almost weekly in your mailbox.

Tonight, after a hard day in the Laboratory interfacing a new clinical chemistry analyzer, I made a dinner salad with cucumber, grape tomatoes, orange bell pepper, and fresh bagged romaine lettuce as a side dish for me and sweetie.  I made slider-sized beef burgers with matching Kroger slider buns for me and veggie hot dogs for sweetie (vegetarian), Kroger chips, and Big K Diet Cola.  For desert we had Kroger frozen yogurt bars.  Dinner was fresh and delicious.  Best yet - with BzzAgent I got all that for free! 

A yummy dinner and look at all the products  #GotItFree and #KrogerSummer thanks to BzzAgent and Kroger food stores.

Happy grilling!
Thanks BzzAgent
BzzAgent Hematech

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