Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wrist Watches for the everyday man - UZI Protector UZI-001-R

Wrist watches for the ordinary man - UZI Protector UZI-001-R

Many tactical watches have striking looks, luminous hands, and rugged reliability.  The UZI Protector is no exception to that genre.  Quartz movement, rotating bezel, black with white graphics, date window, heavy rubber strap, and Tritium luminous markers.  All that said and done this is a rugged watch.  Add a screw down crown and this really is a rugged piece of tactical style machinery.

The Protector by UZI is a piece I have owned for 2 years.  It is well worn.  The condition of this two year old watch looks spectacular because of the materials it is made of - not because it sat in a drawer not seeing light of day.  Hard polymer case, stainless case back, hard rubber strap, and hardened mineral crystal all contribute to durability beyond what you would expect in an ordinary watch.  The only aspect about this time piece that is ordinary is price.  The UZI Protector can be purchased from various retailers or on-line including for under $100.00.  That being said this is an inexpensive watch with expensive time-piece features.

The best part about the UZI brand is the Tactical Weapons that have show cased on television many times with police and global security forces sporting high power weapons spitting out lead at incredible rates of fire.  For UZI enthusiast there are companion UZI products that complement the watch.  I have easily acquired knives and a tactical pen to make an UZI collection of tools to get me through a harrowing day of activities.

The UZI Protector comes in various face colors of which I have black.  Face markings include 24 hr enumeration, date window, highly luminous tritium 12,3,6,9 hour markers and same markers on the hour and minute hands.  The 12 hour marker glows orange while the others glow green.  Emblazoned right under the 12 marker is the unmistakable UZI trademark of the Israeli Weapons Industries company.  The one way rotating bezel has 5-60 numbered markers that ratchet click loudly upon circling the face.  Hardly a stealthy sound during covert operations but none the less, the bezel also features the same strength and durability built into the rest of the time piece.  Water resistant to
200 M with a screw down crown I have been successfully confident wearing this watch to swimming pool depth and repeated showers and yard work.  The watch still looks great and functions like new.

The UZI Protector is wearing like it will be protecting my wrist for many years to come.

As time marches on make the most of your time.  Enjoy your watches for all occasions.

Scott R. Mayorga  A.A.S., BS MT(ASCP)H CLS

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