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Wrist watches for the ordinary man - Bulova Marine Star

Wrist watches for the ordinary man - Bulova Marine Star 330 Ft. Chronograph Alarm

Bulova Watch Company makes a very fine time piece with a long history of creations since inception in 1875.  Just looking at the current line up of Bulova watch lines makes me stare in awe at how beautiful they are and how meticulously constructed the pieces are.  Bulova represents one of the venerable USA watch makers to ever become incredibly successful.

I purchased a Bulova Marine Star 330 Ft. chronograph back in 1996.  I spent about $330 for this time piece.  It became a daily wearer for a long time to come.  The watch is beautiful and dutifully suited for measuring time.  The watch is rugged yet stylish, dressy, and classic looking.  I was looking for something different back then but something I could wear in the Clinical Laboratory setting and not worry about getting wet, exposed to chemicals, and the dust contained in latex gloves.  I also wanted a time piece to keep elapsed time for me during lab operations.  Hence, I found this beauty in a jewelry store window.  I took it home and have been amazed by its function ever since.

This watch has been worn in laboratory settings, during skateboard runs, on bicycle treks, in ocean surf, swimming pools, and during home maintenance and auto repair procedures such as painting, lawn care, and oil changes, etc..  To this day the watch shows some wear but could easily pass for a time piece of a year or two old.  The gold finish is just as bright and polished as the day I purchased it.  The hard mineral crystal has one tiny ding but no large scratches to give away its 18 year age.  Due to cracks the original black rubber strap has been replaced with a rubber replacement that was easily obtained.  The current band contains a small compass.  This rubber strap band is also showing age so I have another strap waiting in the wings when the time comes.

I love this watch.  I love gadgets.  This watch has gadgets.  It does much more than keep time accurately with super quartz precision.  Stop watch function is converted from the sweep second hand with the touch of a register button.  Standing at the ready the second hand is at 12 waiting for start.  Stop watch time is recorded on three registers; 1/10th second, minute up to 60, and hours up to 12.  Stop and start can be repeated multiple times without resetting stop watch function.  Another push of a button returns the watch to sweep second hand movement.  If a count down timer is more of what you need this Marine Star has that as well.  With sweep second hand sweeping press and hold the button at 10 to move the indicator in the 1/10th sec. register to a desired amount of time from 1-49 minutes.  The register has dual indicator markings.  Press the button at 2 and the count down timer gets underway with three audible beeps.  An audible alert will sound at the end of the count down which is silenced with the press of any button.  The count down time indicator can also keep track of manual counting from 1-50 and beyond such as golf swings, laps, reps, etc.  Very handy!

There is also a rotating bezel with ratchet clicks marked with a gold dot at 60, 10,20,30,40,50 and alternating hash marks in gold.  If a real alarm is what you need the Marine Star has that as well.  Pull out the stem at 4, then the stem at 3.  The hands will then wildly rotate to an alarm time previously set on the watch.  Turn the stem clock or counter clock wise to advance the hands to a new alarm time on a 12 hour clock.  Rapidly turning the crown will put the watch into continuous motion.  When desired time is shown rotate the crown slowly to make final adjustment of alarm time.  With desired alarm time indicated push in the stem at 4 and leave the stem at 3 out.  The watch will now return to current time and the watch will alert at the desired set alarm time.  I have amazed many with the antics of this watch.  When I say I can make time go backwards I can amaze anyone who doubts that I can do that with just a pull of the stem at 4 to 1st position and a clockwise turn of the stem.  Add the stop watch function and the watch looks like it is going absolutely bonkers.


Does this watch indicate time?  Yes very accurately so with function and innovation of a fine Bulova quartz movement.  Although this watch does not have a screw down crown I have successfully worn this watch in swimming pools and ocean surf many times without harm to the watch.  It still keeps time reliably and functions beautifully.  Watch batteries last 1.5 to two years depending on usage and those can easily be obtained from various battery retailers.

Finding this exact watch for purchase on line can be tricky. I spotted another used beauty on EBay in June 2014 with a bid of $200.00  If you search you can find.  Although, the current line up of Bulova time pieces includes both quartz and automatic varieties.  Take your pick "Ordinary Man"...  New or used with Bulova Marine Star you will not be disappointed.

As time marches on make the most of your time.  Enjoy your watches for all occasions.

Scott R. Mayorga  A.A.S., BS MT(ASCP)H CLS

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